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Choice of carpet category
On the use of hand-made carpets

Handmade carpet is carpet in the boutique, because the cost is high, the project can not be widely used in the hotel, but due to the unique properties of handmade carpets, decoration and high standards in the upscale hotel is very necessary as embellishment. Such as high-end reception room, upscale small banquet hall, reception hall and lobby, according to the required specifications can make a handmade carpets you get magnificent results. Our company can manufacture according to different requirements of various specifications, designs handmade carpets to choose from.

Room carpet selection

Rooms can be preferably woven Wilton carpet carpet because the carpet density, high tuft, plump, foot feeling very comfortable. Wool carpet class selection ratio is generally between 50% -80% for the best, it can not only enjoy the advantages of wool carpets, but easily overcome wool drying hair volume and inadequate. In the pile height should be selected to 8-9mm appropriate, should not be too high maintenance, vacuuming and cleaning, plus carpet cushion has enough flexibility, too useless, and also increase the project cost.

Because such products manufacturing efficiency is much higher than Axminster carpets, Axminster carpets so compared with low prices. I am in the supply of this type of carpet in your room but also according to the width of request processing, carpet without causing wasteful use.

Corridors and elevator hall carpet use

Corridors, lift lobbies are large crowd, and the luggage cart through the more frequent the area rug should be used with particular attention to the varieties selected pile height.

Corridor width of 1.5 meters, can be selected by Wilton carpet pile height to 7mm is appropriate to reduce the luggage cart resistance, should choose hair than 50%, which can help eliminate static electricity, and can achieve the purpose of drying washable .

More than 1.5 meters wide corridor, should be used in Axminster carpet, because these products better texture, carpet during use is relatively stable, anti-rolling good endurance, carpet easily deformed, pile height selection should generally advisable to 7mm .

Elevator hall carpet and carpet should be selected the same category, it is easy to splice. Elevator hall sizes should be based on the size and shapes machined separately, to achieve harmony and practical purposes.

The use of carpets in public areas

Public areas include various sizes of restaurants, lobbies, corridors, bars, cafes, conference room and reception room, etc. will be.

Such as a large restaurant, a large meeting room area of 300 square meters, should be used in pile height of 7mm Axminster carpet because the carpet, good stability, and there is no single pattern fabric, pattern stitching issue. Such as pavement area of 200 square meters can be used Axminster carpets, Wilton carpets can also be used, but should pay attention to the use of Wilton carpet pile height by 7mm appropriate.

Public part of the carpet should fully consider the use of people, traffic large and short wash cycle and other factors.

The selection of various types of tufted carpet

Tufted carpet to carpet surface features can be divided into three categories namely: full velvet carpet, full loop pile carpet and open loop pile carpet combined. Wool and wool blend and nylon tufted carpet laying more suitable room, especially tufted wool and wool blend products, both with the basic characteristics of wool carpets, and the cost is relatively low, the decoration is not high grade and star hotels Is fully meet the requirements. Tufted carpet is best not to open velvet carpeting in public areas.