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Handmade carpet purchase and maintenance tips
Handmade carpet is a symbol of family wealth and taste, there are more and more people began to pay attention to handmade carpets.

Handmade carpets has the craft and artistic value, purchase, maintenance requires specialized knowledge.

Please expert guidance to make it special.

Today's people, and how many there are always a few pieces of carpet, at the moment of the season, may have to re-purchase the carpets, tapestries or something. Like the purchase of furniture, paintings, furnishings and the like, people want practical, the value of a process, something good, to preserve and increase appreciation, like handmade blankets have begun to enter people's attention into people's lives.

General blanket, woven, chemical fiber, high-volume production, not much workmanship and artistic value. The high-end handmade rugs are known as soft gold, using the Australia and New Zealand wool or silk hand-woven, weaving back and forth, flat, sheets, wash, investment, repair and other manual processes produced by processing, three-dimensional sense of strong, each different, are of great value to the collection of art. As labor costs increase, the value of an inevitable trend carpet craftsmanship high.

But the market many blankets, woven, manual, chemical fiber, wool, silk, good and bad, the price varies, how can I buy a really valuable handmade blankets it? To do this, we invite specialize in exporting handmade blankets "beauty Seli," the expert to do shopping guide.

Blankets difference

Blanket the market with handmade carpets, tufted carpets, woven carpets difference.

Handmade carpets of pure hand-made, mostly pure wool and silk as materials back and forth pattern design, color, yarn, the warp, hand knotted, flat blankets, sheets blankets, wash blankets, throw scissors, trim and a dozen procedures produced by processing. Dozens of colors can blend together harmoniously. Close exquisite carpet surface can extend the life of the carpet centuries to decades.

This cumbersome process, making time for making a blanket needs from a few months to a year or two years.

For wool and silk to be careful to distinguish, especially silk carpets, silk directly affects the quality and longevity of the product price.

Tufted rug is in a special tire cloth, all kinds of color line barbed spear a pattern by hand, and then back brushing glue on the carpet, and then attach the end of cloth, hand-made edging. Materials are wool, silk plus a small amount of wool, polypropylene, nylon and so on. Color patterns can also be up to ten to twenty species, precision and service life than pure handmade blankets.

Making takes about twelve weeks or so.

Woven carpet making method relies on today's advanced equipment, materials, mostly polypropylene, nylon and some wool. Currently the most advanced weaving technology can make ten kinds color configuration. Although the color pattern and life can not be compared with handmade carpets, but the price is relatively low.

Handmade blankets classification

Persian Persian carpets mostly wool with silk weave, pattern color dense, with rich Andalusian style, the overall temperament elegant.

Continental French also uses pure wool carpet woven with silk, pattern ornate romantic, with Western oil painting effect, with rich European style.

Natural color patterns and many more flowers, leaves the main color is pure wool color, fresh and natural, in line with the modern city on the simple pursuit of fashion.

Tibetan All patterns are woven into the silk, the color beige, add a small amount of gold, pink, red, pattern, simple and clean, fresh and elegant, minimalist style in revealing the mystery.

Beijing-style essence of traditional Chinese culture with strong national colors cohesion between the rugs, make the room brightened cultural heritage.

Purchase points

Depends on the carpet material. Superior quality wool and silk are a guarantee of quality.

And then look at the production process. Currently hand-knotted carpets from around the world the technology is different, but the truth is very simple to buy, check the back of the carpet is solid tightly knotted traditional methods such as 8 Buckles, Turkey deduction is to make the blanket tight solid, durable Durable best protection. Take the spinning, dyeing, knotted, flat, sheets, wash, investment, the whole processes, such hand-woven carpets thick and dense solid, like a three-dimensional pattern with relief.