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Wool carpet moth methods
Generally speaking, the middle of the carpet to vermin easy, and around the corner parts of 0.3-1 m easy to vermin, as this location is not often crush contact with the ground in a certain space, there are dust and air, the carpet insects survive. But pumping pay, pay rug pulled all parts are likely to vermin. This is because the carpet behind this there is a gap between the latitude and longitude lines, even after contact with the ground for the sake of air inflow. In addition, laying on wooden carpet carpet shop in the ratio of cement, tile, terrazzo floor carpet easier vermin. The reason is that wood floors easy to absorb moisture, so as to provide conditions for the growth insects. Pressure in the carpet under the furniture part of the site is prone to bugs.

Prevent carpet vermin, and its approach is:

1, to keep the carpet clean and dry. Carpet after one year, should be moved outside, knock the dust off, air dry, but do not exposure. Shop with carpet again, should the ground cleaned.

2, the carpet a couple of years later, use chemical cleaning. Cleaned carpet, if they continue to shop with, you should wipe the floor repaved.

3, playing the best waxed wood floors, over two or three days go down to the floor sprinkled a layer of health sphere, then carpeted.

4, storage carpet, the carpet should be evenly sprinkle some health sphere, then bind tightly strapped ventilated place. Best placed half a meter to one meter from the ground where the height.